We take the BS out of
Buy Now Pay Later.

Our Story

Gimmie was born to eliminate dishonesty from the finance and pay later industry, once and for all.

For as long as we can remember, we’ve never been OK with deception.
Or lies or trickery for that matter.

At Gimmie, our story began when we set out on a mission to revolutionise the old and dubious rent to own industry. But, as we put that old dinosaur through great grandma’s wringer, we quickly realised that the latest and greatest financing model – the buy now, pay later industry – wasn’t that great itself.

We saw it was up to the same old tricks. It was being dishonest. Being opaque. Being sneaky.
So, we changed our mission to fix that as well.

We stand against hidden interest and fees, complicated terms and irresponsible lending.
We believe in honesty, fairness, truth and transparency.

And we’ve created a product that is fair, conscionable and easy to understand.
A model that empowers you and lets you buy what you want on your terms.

So yep, we’re here to shake things up. We expect we’ll make some enemies in the industry along the way, but hey, we think the greatest enemy is unexpected debt that ruins people’s lives.

Gimmie – the smarter place to buy.

Our Promise

What makes Gimmie unique is what we stand for.

We’re in your court, on your side and have your back.
We share your love of simplicity, fairness and honesty.
We want you to have the best things in life, without the worst deals to get them.

We promise to provide the simplest, most affordable way to pay over time.
We promise we won’t charge any more than we tell you up front.
We promise to make buy now pay later a better place for all.

Our Beliefs

We believe in

Challenging the status quo by telling the truth and hiding nothing. No financial trickery, no ulterior motives.
Being up-front, simple and transparent – not in catching you out in a sea of hidden fees.

No strings.
No stings.
No BS interest free honeytraps.

Don’t get burnt. Just Gimmie it.

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