Gimmie Plans

Our Gimmie Plan prices are calculated based on employment and residential status, other key information you provide us and your credit score.

Your application is assessed on these criteria which will place you in one of our four pricing bands, being Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The example table below is based on a $500.00 cash price with instalments being paid weekly.

Band 1 Year Plan 2 Year Plan
Platinum $10.58 $5.77
Gold $10.87 $6.06
Silver $11.06 $6.25
Bronze $11.35 $6.54

You bet. You can pay out any Gimmie Plan at any time. The earlier you pay, the lower the total Plan Fees.

Pay out the cash price within 90 days and if you have made the agreed repayments pay nothing extra.

Yes - we know that circumstances can change, and at Gimmie we aim to offer you as much flexibility as we can.

If you need to make changes, including your bank account or your payment day or frequency, simply contact our Customer Experience Team and they will be happy to help you with this change.

Our Customer Experience Team is standing by to handle any queries, including account balances. Just give us a call on 1800 446 643 (1800 GIMMIE)

If you miss a payment, we charge you a $10 fee to cover our costs of contacting you to get you back on track.

If you default in your payment obligations under your plan (as opposed to making a late payment), you may have to pay our reasonable enforcement expenses.

Pay faster and pay less. If the plan is repaid earlier but after 90 days, the Plan Fee will only apply up to the end of the current instalment period. Just give our Customer Experience Team a call to organise the payment.

Gimmie is simple. All you need to know in 3 lines…

Pay the Cash Price within 90 days (that’s better than Afterpay!) OR

Pay the Plan Price (a bit more than the Cash Price) to pay by instalments over 1 year or 2.

Miss a payment and you pay a $10 late fee.

That’s it! Simple!

We will never charge you:

- Establishment Fees
- Default interest or penalties
- Account keeping fees
- Hidden fees

Yes, our Gimmie Plans require you to keep your goods insured. We suggest that you double check your home contents policy to make sure you're already covered.