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Getting it
without sweating it.

As one of Australia’s fastest growing ways to get the things you want, the way you want them, Gimmie gives you simpler, more flexible options and that wonderful thing called ‘choice’.

No interest.

No hidden fees.


Getting it
without sweating it.

As one of Australia’s fastest growing ways to get the things you want, the way you want them, Gimmie gives you simpler, more flexible options and that wonderful thing called ‘choice’.

No interest.

No hidden fees.


4 steps to ‘where have you been all my life’.

  • 1. Shop the range
  • 2. Pick a plan
  • 3. Apply & approve
  • 4. Deliver to you
1. Shop the range

Browse the big buys

Browse and select from our wide range of furniture, appliances, TVs and tech from brands you know and trust.


Everything under the roof.

Sure, we do furniture, beds, fridges and air conditioning, but we also do home security, fitness equipment, and air fryers.

Take a peek around before you shop, you may just find that thing you weren’t even looking for.

The realest deals.

We only sell genuine products from the biggest and most trusted brands, which means you won’t find any Kevinator, Electrobux, Crapple, or Shamsung at Gimmie.

2. Pick a plan

Find your finance fit.

You’ve chosen the thing you need, now choose the payment you want – one that best suits your budget.

Option 1

The Retail Price

Pay the retail price upfront, or anytime within 90 days when you choose a Gimmie Plan, and that’s all you pay. It couldn’t be easier.

Option 2

The Plan Price

Pay the plan price (a little more than the retail price) in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments over 1 or 2 years.

If you miss a payment, don’t stress. There’s just a $10 late payment fee. That’s it – no extra interest or fees.

If you pay faster, you pay less. No interest. No penalties. No nasty surprises.

Learn more about our Plans

3. Apply & approve

Signing off on your stuff.

Getting your head around repayment plans doesn’t have to be a pain. At Gimmie, we’re all about keeping it simple and helping you get the things you want. Our approval process ensures your payment plan is right for you.



Being a purely online business, we take credit really seriously. So, when you apply for a Gimmie Plan, we do a credit and affordability check to help us confirm that the plan payments are suitable for you.

It protects us and you, and means you can buy from Gimmie with confidence.


Once your application is approved, we’ll send your Gimmie Plan documents to review and sign.

The documents outline exactly how much your payments will be and the total amount you will pay for your purchase over the life of your plan (1 or 2 years). It's clear and easy to understand, so you know exactly what the deal is.

4. Deliver to you

From dispatch to ‘ding dong’.

We’ll deliver your new stuff straight to your door – isn’t that the whole point of shopping online?


Gimmie goes further for you.

We offer delivery right across Australia. Where possible, your items will come to you direct from our suppliers to ensure a smoother experience.

We also use an extensive network of trusted delivery providers that we work with on a daily basis.

Keep an eye on your item.

Depending on which items you choose, you may receive tracking information from Australia Post, a courier company such as Toll IPEC, TNT or direct from one of our delivery partners.

How much can you spend with Gimmie?

How much can you afford to repay?

Consider your financial commitments.

How long do you want to pay it off?

Your payment term.

1 Year
Gimmie Plan
2 Year
Gimmie Plan
Amount you can spend with Gimmie.

If your payment term is 2 years*


Total Gimmie Plan Payment

*This calculator is indicative only and does not constitute an offer or approval. Amount shown includes all costs for item purchase, shipping and Gimmie plans. All applications are subject to Gimmie's lending and approval criteria.

How does Gimmie stack up?

See why people are saying 'it's how we buy now'.

  • Renting
  • Buy Now Pay Later
  • Interest free schemes
  • Credit Cards



Can lock you in for up to 5 years.

Choose a 1 or 2 year Gimmie Plan and have the flexibility to pay it out anytime.

Often expensive to exit early.

Pay your plan in full within 90 days and pay nothing extra. No penalties, no hidden fees. Need longer than 90 days? You can still pay out your plan anytime and you'll only pay your plan price.

High weekly payments.

Pay the way you earn with affordable weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment options.

You can pay up to 5 times the price without ever owning the product.

Own your product from day 1 and know exactly what you'll pay upfront.

Buy Now Pay Later


Usually high payments over a few short weeks.

Choose to spread out your payments over 1 or 2 years with affordable weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments that suit your lifestyle.

Can end up in a debt spiral if you can’t make the payments.

Miss a payment? Don’t stress – just pay a $10 late fee.

The bigger the purchase, the bigger the risk.

We’re experts in big buys like furniture, appliances, TVs and tech and make it simpler to get what you need.

Generally, not regulated by the credit code.

Gimmie is an authorised credit provider and is regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission - we're governed by Australian Credit Laws, which means you are better protected.

Interest Free Schemes


Usually lets you spend more than you need.

We’ll help you make informed choices on those big-ticket buys to ensure they're within your budget.

Hidden establishment and account keeping fees.

No account keeping fees, no establishment fees, no hidden fees. Ever.

Minimum repayments can trap you.

Our Plan Price is the total price you’ll pay for your stuff when you take your time and pay with installments that you can afford.

You often can’t pay more or pay out early.

Pay it fast or pay it slow – it's up to you – and you can pay out your plan at any time with no penalties.

Credit Cards


Can trap you into long-term, high interest.

Choose the flexibility to pay over 1 or 2 years and it’s only a bit more than paying for it instantly, but with tonnes more convenience.

No fixed repayment schedule makes it harder to budget.

You'll know what you need to pay from day 1, which makes it easier to budget for everything else.

Seems like fees, fees and more fees, with an extra serve of fees.

No default interest
No account keeping fees
No admin fees
No annual fees

Easy to overspend and feel overwhelmed.

We have a team dedicated to making sure you know what you need to pay and when you need to pay it.

What do I need to apply?

Setting up your Gimmie plan is fast and easy. We just need a few details so we can confirm your identity and help make sure your payment plan works for you.
  • Drivers licence or other form of ID
  • Your bank account info

  • You must be over 18 years old

  • Australian citizen or permanent resident

  • Your earning and spending summary

  • You are not bankrupt


Gimmie is on a mission.

A mission to eliminate dishonesty from the finance and pay later industry once and for all.

Gimmie says “nope” to hidden interest, undisclosed fees, complicated terms, and irresponsible lending.

Gimmie says “oh yeah“ to honesty, truth and transparency.

We know it’s what you want and, as far as we’re concerned, is really how we should all buy now.

We believe in honesty, fairness, truth and transparency.