The 200L Hybrid Chest Freezer is your ultimate freezer storage solution. With its 200-litre interior size and switchable system, you can easily switch between freezer and refrigerator, ensuring convenience is at your fingertips. Equipped with a clean boundless door design, you will have ample storage capacity and versatile functionality. Maximise your space with ultrathin hinges and store even the smallest items with the adjustable wire rack.

The light and easy-to-open self-standing door allows you to access your freezer hands-free, and the modern recessed handle perfectly fits into any existing kitchen design. Maintenance is also made easy with a convenient water drain. Complete with 360 Degree Cooling and an adjustable thermostat, you can maximise cooling efficiency and always maintain the perfect temperature for your food storage.

Key Features:

Clean with ease- Boundless Door Design
Unlike a usual chest freezer door, the updated Boundless Door design allows the freezer door to be easily cleaned by removing harder-to-clean corners, saving time and effort.

Maximise your space- Ultrathin Hinges
The design of the ultrathin hinge allows the freezer be to placed against the wall, allowing you to avoid damage to your walls and save space in the kitchen.

Access your freezer, hands-free- Self-standing Door
The light and easy-to-open door stays suspended at a 30 or 60 degree angle when in use, giving you a more streamlined experience using your freezer and keeping your hands free.

Maximum Cooling Efficiency- 360 Degree Cooling
Our freezers utilise an all-around D-Type evaporative pipe to ensure maximum cooling efficiency and provide even cooling throughout the freezer.

Modern Style- Recessed Handle
This modern design of the recessed handle perfectly fits into any existing kitchen design and is easy to clean.

Choose your perfect temperature- Adjustable thermostat
An adjustable temperature control allows you to easily change the temperature of your freezer when needed, helping you keep food at the proper storage conditions.

Fridge or freezer, as you need it- Switchable System
Our convertible technology allows you to switch your freezer to refrigerator, allowing for extra flexibility in storage options and providing for all your family’s needs.

Maintenance made easy- Convenient Water Drain
The conveniently placed water drain ensures hassle-free maintenance and cleaning of your freezer.