Make your life easier with a state-of-the-art freestanding cooker. The Beko BFC60IPAN is a sleek and modern cooker cooktop combination in an black anthracite finish. Its 81L gross oven capacity and 4 induction zone cooktop make it a versatile option for any kitchen. Cooking is a breeze with it’s easy-to-use functionality, while the self-sufficient and simple steam cleaning function in addition to pyrolytic self-cleaning make maintenance a breeze.


Forget about scrubbing and scraping grease and burnt-on food from your oven. With SteamShine® cleaning, your oven does the hard work for you. Simply pour a little water in the tray and let it work its magic. SteamShine® will soften grease and food residue inside the oven so that all you need to do is wipe it away.

Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning

Harsh chemicals, burnt-on splashes, endless scrubbing… Forget it all. Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning heats up the oven to 480 °C, turning food and grease residue to ash so that you can effortlessly wipe it away. The program lasts 2 hours for heavy soiling, and 90 minutes for light soiling, with the latter using 25% less energy. Tested by internal laboratories.

Halogen Illumination

Halogen Illumination helps you see all your oven’s cavity, so you can keep an eye on your culinary creations with the door firmly shut.

Telescopic Shelves

If you find yourself struggling to get that heavy dish out of the oven, Telescopic Shelves will make your life easier. Its runner system lets you pull the shelf all the way out (or 2/3 of it, for partial Telescopic version) of the oven while supporting your dish.