**Delivery currently only available to Australian Metro areas

Vacuum Blending
No oxidation, more vitamins
Some nutrients can get lost during juicing. Vacuum Blending technology removes the air inside the jug before blending, eliminating any oxidation of the ingredients inside. As a result, a greater portion of vitamins and nutrients are preserved, and your juice stays fresher for longer.

Iced drinks, at the touch of a button
The IceCrush function lets you get smooth, crushed ice within seconds, all at the push of a button! Now you can make healthy smoothies, cocktails, and other crushed ice drinks right at home!

Portable Bottle
Blender bottle that goes anywhere
Blend your drink, take the bottle and go! The Portable Bottle is made from unbreakable tritan drinkware and includes a drinking lid that prevents spills. Blend at home and take your drink anywhere with the Portable Bottle.

AntiSlip Feet
Firm & stable hold
Anti-slip Feet will secure your blender, making it stand strong and stable on the countertop.