The Bosch dishwasher has baskets and racks. Easily wash unusually shaped items with its adjustable upper basket. The dishwasher has a 600mm width, an 845mm height, and a 600mm depth. It has a white finish. Also, this Bosch dishwasher features a half-load option, so you can clean a few dishes without wasting water. Upgrade your kitchen with help from this Bosch dishwasher.

Your Bosch freestanding dishwasher can be placed anywhere in your kitchen – including stand alone or under a work bench. Easily run the family’s dinner plates, cups, glasses, cutlery and more with its 14-place capacity setting.

Achieve brilliantly clean dishes using minimal resources. ActiveWater load detection technology uses just the right amount of water and electricity to get the job done, while AquaSensor re-uses pre-rinse water where possible for the main cycle run.

Choose Pots & Pans for an intensive clean, Auto Wash for sensor-controlled cleaning of normally soiled dishes, Eco Wash for a reduced wash temperature, Pre-Rinse for heavily soiled dishes, or Quick Wash to clean a lightly soiled load in just 29 minutes.

Now you can run half a load without wasting water or energy. Simply select the Half Load option and the LoadSensor adjusts consumption accordingly, while the SpeedPerfect option is a great solution for a reduced cycle time when you’re in a real hurry.