Any barista will tell you a beautifully-brewed espresso is all about perfecting the dose, grind and tamp. The Oracle Touch makes it simple with auto dose, grind and tamp for a rich, full bodied cup of coffee.

The Oracle Touch’s high-pressured steam wand has the perfect pressure to create velvety milk for a smooth latte or flat white, just like at your favourite cafe.

Customise and save your personalised coffee order, adjusted for strength, milk texture and temperature for the perfect coffee is at the touch of a button. Assign each order a name so you’ll never forget Dylan likes his coffee extra hot.

Effortlessly choose from five cafe favourites, or create your own customised coffee at the easy-to-follow touch screen.

Dedicated boilers for both espresso extraction and the steam wand will heat and texture milk while simultaneously extracting an espresso for a quick cappuccino on-the-go.