Great for beginners. If you’re unfamiliar with camera vocabulary, Guided Display will help you learn as you shoot; making photography as easy as 1-2-3. With easy-to-understand options, Guided Display won’t bog you down with technical photography terms, but will teach you about the different shooting effects. Helping you to capture the shots you’ve always wanted. 4K movie magic; In addition to Full HD and HD, you can create stunning 4K movies and time lapses with the EOS 200D Mark II.

Shoot, connect and share. With the Canon Camera Connect App, you can instantly get social and share all your adventures from your EOS 200D Mark II via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as it allows for a constant connection with your smartphone. With the Canon Camera connect App, you can browse and download photos straight to your smart phone without having to take the camera from your bag after the initial connection.