In a conventional dryer, the drying process can be harsh to garments, especially with fabrics made from wool or silk. Thankfully, the Electrolux EDH803BEWA 8kg Heat Pump Dryer is engineered to look after your delicates so they feel and look as good as new with every cycle.

You can have peace of mind when you add your woollens into this dryer. With a Woolmark-certified Wool cycle, you can dry hand-wash only wool items without worrying if your clothes will shrink. Additionally, the Soft Touch Drum provides the optimal environment for gentle drying. Furthermore, Electrolux’ Delicate Care technology provides optimal drum movement for exceptional garment care.

With this Electrolux heat pump dryer, you can feel confident your delicates and garments are in safe hands.

Delicate Care technology
Provide better care for your delicate garment thanks to the Delicate Care system. This technology prevents overdrying, while specialist drying cycles provide precise drum movements to ensure garments don’t shrink or lose their shape.

Soft Touch Drum for gentle drying
Inside this dryer you’ll find a drum with a raised circular structure. This design minimises prolonged contact between your garments and the drum to ensure fabrics are not stressed or damaged during the drying process.

Reverse Tumble
By periodically reversing the direction in which the drum spins during the cycle, tangling and wrinkles are reduced and even drying is achieved.

Sensor Drying
Sensor drying saves time and energy by monitoring the temperature and moisture level to ensure garments are dried to the desired setting.