Powerful and efficient, you can rely on the Eufy RoboVac G30 Robot Vacuum to maintain pristine hard floors and carpets with minimal effort.

Dirt and debris are no match for the ultra-powerful 2000Pa suction and if you have any accumulated dust hiding underneath low furniture, this slim robot vacuum effortlessly glides under to ensure it doesn’t miss a spot.

Customisable to your space, you can set boundaries and schedule cleaning using your smartphone. Using sensors and smart technology, the clever RoboVac not only calculates efficient cleaning routes, it can avoid obstacles and drops to ensure vacuuming is not disrupted.

Boundary Strips

Easily set vacuuming zones with Boundary Strips. This allows you to exclude certain parts of your home using specialised sensors to detect out-of-bound areas so you can control and customise how your RoboVac cleans.

Path Tracking Sensor

The G30 Verge adapts to changes of surface while remaining on the most efficient route to clean each room. From carpet to hard-floor the right path is always taken.

BoostIQ Technology

Automatically adjusts suction power depending on the vacuuming strength needed, so the RoboVac can efficiently go from hard floors to carpeted areas while maintaining a consistent cleaning performance.

Smart Dynamic Navigation

To ensure greater coverage and cleaner floors, this RoboVac uses Smart Dynamic Navigation to accurately plan routes around your rooms with methodical movement to ensure no dirt is left behind.