Easy to use
This machine has a cycle to suit every type of load including Allergy, Easy Iron and Handwash. Select a cycle with easy to use SmartTouch™ controls.

Cares for clothes
The flexible finned agitator ensures less tangling for superior clothes care.

Soft-close lid
The robust plastic lid has a soft close mechanism that makes it family safe, avoids slamming and allows for hands-free operation.

Save time with large capacity
The 10kg capacity top loader is ideal for larger families and can wash bulky items with ease.

Quicker drying
Drying times are reduced due to a fast spin speed of 1100RPM which helps remove more water.

Energy saving with Eco-Active™ wash
Eco-Active™ recirculates water and detergent through clothes so less hot water is used to remove stains, dirt and bacteria.