Heat Pump Condensing Dryer, 8kg
Better energy efficiency and fabric care with heat pump condensing technology, which dries your clothes at a lower temperature. 13 dry cycles including Freshen, Delicate, Bulky and Easy Iron for comprehensive fabric care. Dry a couple of items fast with the convenient Quick 30 cycle.  7 Star Energy Rating. No need for external venting, allowing your dryer to be placed anywhere in your home.


Cares for clothes
13 drying cycles including Freshen, Delicate, Bulky and Easy Iron for every type of garment. Select the cycle that best suits your load to confidently dry your clothes.

Quick drying
When time is short, you can select the Quick 30 cycle to dry clothes in 30 mins while maintaining care of fabric. Perfect for light items like work shirts or school uniforms.

Heat Pump technology
Heat pump technology dries at lower temperatures for gentle fabric care and because moisture is condensed, no venting is required. This is an ideal dryer for laundries where venting is difficult, as it can be placed almost anywhere in the home.

Avoid over-drying with Auto-sensing
Auto-sensing prevents over-drying by sensing moisture levels inside the drum and shutting off automatically. This helps clothes last longer and reduces energy consumption.

Too precious to tumble?
The drying rack is designed for items that can’t be tumble dried. It fits easily into the dryer and delivers the perfect result for those precious delicates, shoes and toys.

Key Features

  • 13 drying cycles including Delicate, Easy Iron and Rack Dry
  • 7 Star Energy Rating
  • Auto-sensing detects moisture levels to prevent under or over drying
  • 30 min Quick drying cycle
  • Black door match F&P Front Load Washers