Sit in comfort in your large open plan area or lounge room thanks to the 8.5 kilowatt output. It’ll keep you cool on a scorching hot day. It’s a Split System so the compressor is housed in the external unit and not in the internal unit. That’s why it runs so quietly. The Human Sensor detects when there are less people in the room by converting to energy saving mode and resumes normal programming when they return.This way power isn’t wasted.

When you know you’re in for a week of hot weather, set the Weekly timer to start and stop at set times for up to 7 days so you can come home to a cool environment. For faster relief on a really hot day you can cool your large room quickly by selecting the Powerful mode on your remote control. It’ll run at max capacity for 20 minutes. For complete quiet choose Low Noise mode. It reduces the compressor and fan speed in the outdoor unit so you can put your feet up and relax in silence.

If you have an unexpected loss of power, the split system will automatically restart in the same program you set to begin with, so there’s no extra time wasted.