It has Weekly, Sleep, Program, and On/Off timers. In addition, the Fujitsu Air con split system features a Low Noise Mode to adjust outdoor fan speed and compressor operation for the Outdoor Unit AOTG30KMTC and a Super Quiet Mode for the Indoor Unit. Maintaining your Fujitsu split system air conditioner is easy with its washable panel, while the Apple-Catechin Filter absorbs dust and allergens, and the long-Life Ion Deodorisation Filter keeps the air smelling fresh. Allow the streamlined design of this split system air conditioner to blend seamlessly with your room’s interior with its matte finish and smooth edges that create a modern aesthetic to suit even the most contemporary home.

With plenty of power and energy-saving features to cool or heat an entire large living or open plan area economically, this Fujitsu reverse cycle air conditioner is an efficient, all-in-one heating and cooling solution. It’s a Split System air con so the compressor is housed in the outdoor unit for blissful quiet indoors. For total silence, select Low Noise to reduce the outdoor compressor and fan speed and select Super Quiet mode to reduce the indoor unit fan speed.

The Fujitsu Lifestyle range of reverse cycle air conditioning units feature V-PAM and i-PAM inverter technology for maximum, high power output and efficiency performance to reach the set temperature quickly for your total comfort. Your Fujitsu air con split system is always on the look-out – its Human Sensor is clever enough to detect when guests have left the room, will switch to energy saving mode, and then resume normal programming when they return. Simply select ‘Sensor’.

For fast relief on a hot day, cool your room quickly by selecting the Powerful mode on your remote control and it’ll run at max capacity for 20 minutes. The same applies for when you’re seeking refuge from the freezing cold outside and need warmth fast! Limit the use of electricity whilst cooling or heating your room by activating Economy mode. By reducing the usual maximum output, this split system will draw on less energy to be friendlier to you at bill time. An advanced air filtration system effectively removes and absorbs bacteria, odours, dust, and other allergens from the air so you can breathe easy. The air and deodorisation filters need to be cleaned every so often for maximum effectiveness.