Key Features

Great things come in small packages
Mini-LED paints a vivid canvas of contrast. The U6N ignites a spectrum of brightness bringing any scene to life, where even the subtlest movements come alive. From the blinding brights to the deepest dark, every scene is infused with an intensity that feels real—every colour, every detail, vividly clear.

Billion+ shades of vivid colour
With Quantum Dot Colour, it isn’t just about colour; it’s a revolution in display technology. Dive into an expansive spectrum where every hue is intensified, every gradient fine-tuned. From the deepest red rose to the subtlest blue sky, witness a world rendered with an authenticity that mirrors life itself.

Scene-by-scene intelligent processor
Experience visuals like never before with the Hi-View Engine. Through real-time frame-level analysis, it elevates everything from 4K resolution to vivid colours. Instead of merely displaying content, it transforms movies and shows into breathtaking spectacles, ensuring a consistently mesmerising viewing experience.

See all the content you love in dazzling details
Hisense’s Total HDR Solution revolutionises how you experience content on-screen. Merging compatibility with all the major HDR formats, including Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG it delivers visuals that consistently impress. Witness stunning clarity, enriched colours, and deep contrasts, ensuring that every viewing moment is presented in its most captivating form.

See. Hear. Spectacular.
The fusion of Dolby VisionTM HDR imaging and Dolby Atmos® sound transforms your TV into an entertainment powerhouse. These image and sound technologies from the cinema, now brought together for the home, provide amazing realism that you’ll see, hear, and feel like never before. Dolby Vision is cinema-inspired HDR technology that brings your TV to life with dramatic imaging — astonishing brightness, colour, contrast, detail, and dimensionality. Dolby Atmos puts you inside the action with bigger, more encompassing sound that fills your room — even overhead — to immerse you in your entertainment. Now, with total ease and convenience, lifelike image and sound leap from the screen to make your home entertainment truly spectacular.

The perfect picture everywhere and always
Embrace the simplicity of viewing with Total Ambient Adaptive technology. Whether adjusting brightness to ambient light, fine-tuning colours to match the room’s warmth, or enhancing depth perception, ensure that every scene is optimised for your viewing pleasure no matter your surroundings, without lifting a finger.

Claim the best seats in the stadium
Step into the arena with AI Sports Mode where every blade of grass, every bead of sweat, every whip of the ball and every note in the commentator’s voice —all come alive with astonishing clarity. Immersive sports, intelligently tailored for a stadium-like experience from your couch.

Ultra-smooth gaming, incredible response.
Game Mode PLUS is your ticket to fluid, immersive gameplay. Boasting a 60Hz panel with variable refresh rate and low latency MEMC, it bridges the gap between graphics card and display. Say goodbye to lag and hello to a game that flows as smoothly as your skills.
*Low Latency MEMC is only available under Dynamic Mode.

Watch your movies and TV shows the way the filmmakers intended
Experience the message as it was intended with the Hisense Filmmaker Mode. Adjust your video to its original settings, to see details like the sound, aspect ratio, colour, frame rate, and more as it was originally envisioned for the most authentic display of your favourite filmmaker’s masterpiece, before it was altered for generic viewing.

Easy. Fast. Secure. Global and Local Entertainment.
With a faster, more customisable operating system, finding great entertainment fast has never been easier. Switch between apps and connected devices, receive recommendations and search thousands of shows across Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, Kayo, Foxtel, Stan iView, Freeview Plus and many more!

A little help at home
Connect your TV with smart home solutions. Go hands-free with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Airplay and Apple Home and control your TV with a simple command.*

Full control in the palm of your hand
Embrace effortless control with Hisense’s Voice Control. Press the button and speak to command your viewing experience. Switch shows, adjust the volume, or explore new content, all with the power of your voice. It’s the freedom of seamless control, one voice command at a time.