Surround Cooling – Cools from Front and Back​
Cool air enters the fridge cavity from the rear and front ceiling vents to help keep food fresher for longer.*​
*Door cooling starts 15 seconds after the doors are closed.

Door Cooling​ – Faster Cooling for Stored Door Items
Air vents located in the front ceiling of the fridge direct cold air onto items stored in the top door baskets. Door cooling starts 15 seconds after the doors are closed.

Multi Air Flow​
The air circulates through multiple strategically placed vents, which ensures an equal amount of chilled air reaching each shelf and corner for quick and uniform cooling.​

Seamless Design with your Kitchen Cabinetry​
This refrigerator will sit flush with your cabinets, so you will be able to open your fridge door up to 90° without the doors protruding.​

Adjust your fridge & freezer door not your kitchen
Reversible hinged doors can be adjusted to swing open to the right or to the left, ensuring that your fridge never blocks an entrance way or interferes with cabinets and appliances.*​
*Reversing of doors must be performed by a technician, at additional cost.​

10 Year Parts Warranty on Inverter Compressor​
The LG Inverter Compressor uses inverter technology in the compressor system which achieves a 3½ star energy rating. As the Inverter Compressor is the heart of your refrigerator we back this with a 10 year parts warranty on the compressor.*​
*2 Years parts and labour on the product + 3 years on sealed refrigeration system compressor, evaporator, dryer and tubing) parts only + 5 years on compressor (part only).​