This grey LG heat pump dryer’s 13 types of drying programs help you select the best setting for each load. It features refresh and anti-crease programs. Plus, the grey LG S5MB has a delayed start setting. It’s 1960mm high, 600mm wide, and 605mm deep, so take careful measurements of where your dryer needs to fit, leaving enough room for the door to open.

Upgrade your laundry room with the Styler. Refresh clothes between washes. Reduce odours and feel at ease by reducing exposure to allergens with the power of steam.

Gentle Drying
Using a low heat to dry, the likelihood of fabric shrinkage and creasing can be reduced.

Reduce Wrinkles
With a moving hanger, low heat and steam the styler helps reduce wrinkles in your clothes.

Remove Odours
Have an item that can’t go in the wash? Remove odours using a sanitisation or refresh cycle.

Pants Crease Care
Help maintain crease lines in your pants while reducing odours and wrinkles with steam.

Key Features

  • 5 items + 1 pants capacity
  • Gentle drying & reduce wrinkles
  • Removes odours
  • Pants crease care
  • Capacitive touch controls