The ONEX ROC CHAIR is inspired by a sports car with powerful outline and smooth appearance. The color contrast is full of science fiction, together with the perfect size ratio and the meticulously carved details. Just like sports car galloping on the field, ROCCHAIR is showing the beauty of speed and power. ROC, an enormous legendary bird transformed from a gigantic fish, also means freedom. With extraordinary technological strength, amazing appearance and ergonomic experience, ROC is aiming at the sky, creating a classic of the future.

The whole 5D armrests face adopts a ergonomic Waterfall Arc Design of the arc front and the square rear. The circle, on behalf of the adaptation of all things, means soft completeness, quickly with the change of excellence. Square means the elegance and massiveness. A perfect combination of rigidity and flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Paddle shift on left arm: adjust seat height,
  • Paddle shift on right arm: adjust backrest tilt, 15 locks in 33 degree.
  • Armrest Height Adjustable
  • Armrest Angle Rotating Adjustable
  • Armrest Cover Sliding Adjustable
  • Armrest Cover Width Adjustable