The Oscar Neo DA 1000 is the highest-selling single-gear horizontal cold press juicer on the Australian market. With a three-stage crushing system, your juice is extracted slowly and without heat friction that could potentially compromise your food’s nutrients.

Oscar juicers are renowned for their ability to juice wheatgrass, celery, and leafy greens. Because the juicer is horizontal, your fibrous leafy greens will not clog the appliance. The improved 200w motor offers more torque, resulting in greater extraction and less foam. You can control the amount of pulp that ends up in your glass using the Pulp Adjustment Nozzle.

A major benefit of this juicer is its ability to function as a food processor. The Neo DA 1000 can prepare nut butters, nut milks, purees, and even sorbet. This is made possible with a versatile range of included screens and nozzles. No matter what you make with this juicer, you know it’s been designed to break down the cell wall of your contents to make living enzymes more digestible for your body. Your recipes won’t just taste great; you’ll feel better for having consumed them.