Clear and Dynamic Sound
The compact and slender case is home to the latest sound technology. The 2ch digital amplifier represents the centerpiece which delivers a clear and dynamic sound without distortions. Minimalistic to harmonise with any space and materials that vary in texture to create a sophisticated atmosphere, the HC302 complements your lifestyle through its sound and design.

AUX-IN Auto Play for Audio Devices & Streaming Devices
Simply connect your existing audio device or streaming device, such as Chromecast Audio, to AUX-IN. Even if the HC302 power is turned off, the sound signal from the device will be recognized, the power will be automatically turned on, and music will be played from the AUX terminal.

Designed for Music Lovers
Whether you enjoy listening to more traditional sources such as your CD collection or radio broadcasts, this flexible HiFi system also embraces the latest in music streaming services too via Bluetooth. Just download the free Panasonic Music Streaming App to control and stream all the content you love from your favourite music subscription services.

Stylish Audio for Modern Living
The simple design matches any interior.This compact body delivers rich and expansive sound that you would not expect from its small body.Equipped with AUX-IN Auto Play, you can easily enjoy music by connecting various audio devices to it. 20W, 2ch Digital Amp, 8cm Full-Range Speaker Units, Bluetooth, CD, USB, 30 FM Radio Presets, 20 DAB+ Radio Presets, AUX-IN Auto Play, Compact Design.

Slim & Compact Design
Harmonises with any space.

Pure Sound & Rich Bass
Impressive full-range speakers.

AUX-IN Auto Play
Connect with audio & streaming devices.