Let the aroma of sizzling food on your balcony captivate the attention of the city. The Pulse 2000 electric barbecue is much more than a typical electric BBQ. With independently controllable dual zone grilling areas, you can sear steaks over high heat on one side, while your side dish cooks over low heat on the other side of the grate. Innovative smart features, such as integrated iGrill technology, ensure easy cooking and outstanding convenience every time you’re ready to eat. Designed for urban living in mind, there’s no need to worry about any restrictions on using gas or charcoal. The Pulse 2000 BBQ gives you the delicious taste of backyard barbecuing in an easy, convenient, and time-saving form – simply plug in, preheat and go.

Achieve precise cooking results with its electronic temperature control offering fully controllable heat levels, a displayable LED digital thermometer so you can keep an eye on the temperature, and integrated iGrill technology that gives you real-time info on the core temperature of steaks and the grill temperature straight to your smartphone via the downloadable Weber iGrill app.

Pulse 2000 comes with two meat probes and has four probe ports. Its clever Grease management system automatically funnels grease away from the heating element and into a drip tray to prevent flare-ups. Plus, an integrated clip under the right handle of the barbecue keeps the cord safely out of the way. The Weber Pulse series features porcelain-enamelled cast iron cooking grills for perfectly seared steaks and a tall lid to accommodate lid-down cooking for a leg of lamb or large chook. With the Pulse 2000, you can barbecue different foods at the same time and have an entire meal ready at once.