Use the Revitive Medic Coach App Controlled Circulation Booster to enhance blood circulation and relieve pain in your legs via personalised therapy plans. For added convenience, its cordless design helps minimise cable clutter during use.

Relief For Your Legs and Feet

The Revitive Medic Coach App Controlled Circulation Booster comes with a vigorous program to help alleviate aches, pains and cramps, which provides up to 2x more blood flow to your legs and feet.

Smart Sensors

With its comprehensive sensor suite, the Revitive Medic Coach can easily optimise its settings and select the ideal intensity (Smart Intensity sensor), as well as closely monitor your hydration levels (Smart Hydration sensor).

Treat You Right

Incorporating OxyWave technology, the Revitive Medic Coach Circulation Booster delivers an optimum therapy program based on its detailed understanding of electrical muscle stimulation and blood flow with oxygen-rich blood.

Designed for Convenience

Dual Mode in Revitive Medic Coach combines EMS and TENS technologies to provide full-body pain management. Use the Revitive app (download required) to personalise therapy plans via connected coaching and optimal therapy sessions.