With a sleek black finish made to blend seamlessly into modern kitchens and a large 45 litre capacity, the Samsung Convection Microwave is an ideal appliance for busy households. Samsung knows you have more important things to do than clean the inside of your microwave, which is why the interior cooking surface benefits from CERAMIC INSIDE. The cooking surface is scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean, by reducing the growth of certain common bacteria.

With six different modes, including Microwave, Convection, and Grill + Convection, you can get your dinner or snacks ready easier than ever. Samsung’s SmartSensor technology prevents overcooking or undercooking by monitoring the humidity levels in the microwave, for the optimal cook time.

Smart Sensor Technology
With Samsung’s SmartSensor Technology, your microwave will automatically detect the humidity level of your food, setting the optimal cooking time and power, resulting in delicious meals.

Fermentation Mode
Making use of low, warm temperatures, this microwave can aid in the fermentation of yoghurt and bread.

Two Year Warranty
For your peace of mind this product comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.