The Samsung 810L Family Hub Refrigerator SRF9700BFH innovative and sleek design brings smart functionality and visual brilliance to the heart of the kitchen. Preserve your beautiful kitchen aesthetics with a stylish and elegant Samsung French door fridge; the seamless, modern, and high tech looks comes with an Anti-Fingerprint finish that prevents handprints from deteriorating the exterior. The Family Hub presenting on the 21.5 inch Full HD display provides a wide array of smart applications and features to interact with; keep on track of important news, special moments, scheduled events and more. Your fridge is your kitchens smart hub; browse social media, watch TV and access smart apps from your smart phone on your smart Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator.

The Dual Ice Maker provides options to host any occasion, producing both Ice Bites which quickly chill drinks and regular ice cubes. The innovative Beverage Centre provides the autofill water jug, water dispenser and drink storage all within one hygienic and handy location. Drink fresh cool water straight from the fridge; the Autofill Infuser Water Jug provides cool water all year round. Also, add some flavour in your infuser for a nice and refreshing tasting drink. High thermal conductivity within the Samsung 810L Family Hub Refrigerator reduces the amount of heat within the internal cabin, the metal cooling plate performs this to maintain the best temperatures for your food and drinks. Preventing the mixing of food odour’s and maintaining the essential temperature control of each department is the three independent cooling systems; this optimises the freshness and life of food and drink within each section of the fridge.

810L Family Hub™ French Door Smart Refrigerator
The biggest families need the biggest fridge, and the 810L Family Hub™ French Door Smart Refrigerator SRF9700BFH can keep everyone’s favourites fresh and cool. Its convenient Beverage Centre™ helps ensure drinks are always easy to access, and for reliability, it’s backed by a 10-year warranty on the Digital Inverter Compressor.

Family Hub™
Make the Family Hub™ the heart of your home. It’s a fun way to share messages, photos or videos, sync calendars and much more. From personalised recipe ideas or meal plans to ordering groceries delivered to your door, it’s like your personal food concierge. You can also watch TV on the home screen, access apps on your smartphone or listen to music while spending time in the kitchen. And all this is just the start!

Running low on milk? See what’s inside your fridge anytime, anywhere on your compatible smartphone or using the home screen.

Know exactly what’s in your fridge. With Tap View, simply tap twice on the home screen when it’s off to show what’s on the shelves. And when the screen is on, QuickView lets you see inside with a simple two-finger swipe down.

Enjoy the convenience of Food AI to make meal times quick and easy. Simply set your food preferences, dietary needs and favourite cuisines to get personalised meal plans from the Meal Planner app delivered weekly.

From meal planning to taking stock of what you already have, grocery shopping is now easy with the Shopping List App. Just add items to your list with a touch or voice command. You can even access it on your compatible smartphone and check it while on a grocery run.

Cook food that the family loves. The Smart Recipes app gives you access to delicious recipes with simple instructions. Find new recipes easily and simply ask Bixby to save your favourites

Have fun communicating with your family using the Memo, To-do and Gallery Apps. You can use the home screen to share photos or video clips, post stickers, leave notes, draw pictures, and share schedules or website links.

Share and check schedules of family members at a glance, with the Calendar app. Update entries on the fridge or from a compatible smartphone, and synchronise schedules with Google and Microsoft 365 calendars. No excuses now for missing important dates!

Quickly share memos, task lists, instructions, activity schedules and photos using the Memo, To-do and Gallery apps. Your messages will display on the home screen, which automatically turns on whenever someone comes near the fridge

The White Board application lets you draw messages or pictures, and add fun emoticons. It’s also easy to add replies to messages

Morning Brief
Stay up to date with the important stuff. The Morning Brief displays the weather forecast, your calendar events and even your food reminders on the home screen at a set time, or when you open the fridge door. You can also activate it using Bixby voice recognition to get the latest news.
No pens, no paper, just plain fun! Enjoy daily doses of trivia to keep the family entertained and informed. From learning about new or unusual words to fascinating fun facts, it’s a real blast!

Cooking up a storm? Keep yourself entertained by mirroring what’s on your smartphone or TV to the Family Hub™ screen. Simply open the SmartView app and choose a compatible smartphone or TV to display the same content on both screens – no additional hardware or software required.

Kitchen a mess? No worries. Just play your favourite music from Tune-in radio or Spotify apps on the Family Hub™ fridge for an entertaining clean up.

Embrace the power of internet on Family Hub™ fridge. Use the home screen to browse content online such as your favourite websites, social media accounts and much more. You can also create shortcuts or save links to popular websites for easy access.

Turn your home into a smart home with SmartThings. Using your voice or a touch on the fridge home screen, you can control compatible smart appliances and iOT devices. You can turn them on/off, adjust settings, coordinate activities and limit power usage, all from your Family Hub™ home screen.

The SmartThings Video app links to any compatible Wi-Fi enabled video cameras in your home so you can monitor different areas on the Home Screen. And if you have a 360 degree camera installed, you can also adjust the camera angle and view all around a room.

Unlock the potential of voice control with Bixby. You can simply tell the fridge what to do and it does it. From setting alarms to suggesting or reading out recipe instructions, it makes time spent in the kitchen efficient and easy.

Avoid smudge marks on the home screen, and make or receive calls while cooking without holding a phone. With Bluetooth connectivity, the fridge can seamlessly connect to a compatible smartphone to make or receive calls using just your voice<

We’ve moved the water dispenser inside for a seamless, flat door design. Located inside the door is the new Beverage Centre™, which is where you can find the Autofill Infuser Water Jug, water dispenser and all the drinks storage a family could possibly need.

Never worry about empty water jugs again! Serve cold water instantly from fridge to table with the convenient BPA-free Autofill Infuser Water Jug. The jug automatically refills each time it’s placed back inside the fridge. Feeling fancy? Add some flavours to the infuser for a refreshing twist.

Be prepared for any occasion. The Dual Auto Ice Maker has two separate ice makers that serve regular Cubed Ice and Ice Bites™. The Ice Bites™ are smaller and chill drinks fast. Make up to 2.6kg of ice a day and store up to 3.1kg. And because the ice maker is in the freezer instead of the door, it frees up storage space in the fridge.

Keep different foods fresh and tasty by storing them in optimal conditions. Cool Select+ is an independently controlled compartment with five preset modes: Freeze, Soft Soft Freeze, Meat/Fish, Fruit/Veggies and Beverage. There’s also a Flex Crisper for meat or fish, and a Crisper+ for fruit and vegetables.

Enjoy a seamless, high-tech built-in look, thanks to the modern flat door design. Its simple and sleek lines are accentuated by recessed handles.

Immerse yourself in a world of beautiful art. “Art Gallery” automatically displays various pieces of art when the screen is not touched for a set time. It includes 122 paintings covering a wide range of art styles, from classic to contemporary, which are shown randomly for up to 2 hours

Enjoy energy efficiency and long-lasting performance. The Digital Inverter Compressor intelligently adjusts operating speed in response to cooling demand and is backed by a 10 year limited parts warranty to give you peace of mind.