Harmonic Presence. Slim and chic for your living space.
Takes centre stage in any room. The slim and thin TV design graces your living space with shapes, materials, colours and surface treatments that blend beautifully with interior décor, walls and home theatre products.

Pure black OLED, bright and beautiful
Brilliant pictures. We’ve taken the infinite blacks and stunning detail of OLED for astonishing texture and realism.

Over 8 million self-lit pixels, intense brightness and contrast
The pinnacle of precision. Our OLED screen individually and expertly controls 8 million self-illuminating pixels, turning each one on or off to dark and light for deeper blacks and more dazzling colours.

Clear pictures. Refined and upscaled to 4K.
Your favourite films, enhanced and enriched with extra detail. XR Clear Image uses a custom database of textures to intelligently convert any content to near 4K quality, whatever the source.1

Even fast-moving action stays clear and blur-free
All the action, free of blur and judder. XR OLED Motion detects and analyses visual elements on successive frames, then creates and inserts extra frames between the originals for smoother scenes.

Unmatched realism with XR Processor™
Powered for precision. Our XR Processor™ features a scene recognition system that detects and analyses data with flawless accuracy, then optimises the picture for ultimate realism.

Screen speaker, always cinematic
Bring cinema home. Actuators behind the screen vibrate and turn it into a speaker that delivers clear and immersive sound from the centre with the same sound structure as the cinema. The newly equipped tweeter brings out the surround feel to provide a cinema-like experience.

Sound from the screen, precisely matching action
Sound and pictures, perfectly in sync. Acoustic Surface Audio +™ with tweeter turns every part of the screen into a powerful speaker that emits sound from exactly the right place in the scene. Hear dialogue straight from the actor and bring the theatre-like experience to your home.

Auto HDR Tone Mapping
Auto HDR Tone Mapping instantly optimises HDR settings during your PS5® initial setup. Even in dark shadow and bright highlights, you’ll see fine details and true colours.2,3

Auto Genre Picture Mode
BRAVIA automatically switches into Game Mode with PS5® to minimise lag and maximise responsiveness. It switches back to Standard Mode when watching movies for more expressive scenes.4

Dolby Vision® for gaming. Supported.
This is how your game world should be. Incredibly vibrant colours, lifelike contrast in light and dark, intense brightness. With Dolby Vision®, gaming reaches a whole new level of depth and realism.

Various features in HDMI 2.1
With 4K/120fps, a Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), our TVs give you smooth and clear movement for responsive gameplay.5,6,7

Key Features

55″ 4K Ultra HD OLED producing pure blacks & lifelike brightness

200 motion rate and variable refresh rate via HDMI

Experience the way movies were intended with Dolby Vision, Atmos and IMAX Enhanced

XR Processor enhances and details for a lifelike picture quality

OLED Viewing Angle keeps colours consistent and true wherever you’re watching

Game Menu puts all your gaming picture settings and assist features in one place

Smooth gaming experience with 4k/120fps, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) via HDMI 2.1

Hear rich surround sound from every corner of the screen with Acoustic Surface Audio+

Hands free entertainment with Google assistant and smart TV powered but Google TV

Easily stream from your phone with Apple AirPlay and Chromecast built-in

4-Way Multi-Position Stand cleverly adapts to your design needs