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Up Close: Michelle Hickey, Casa Modello Styling

Making your home beautiful, comfy and relaxing can be heaps of fun! We spoke with Michelle Hickey, owner and property stylist at Casa Modello Property Styling in Toowoomba, Queensland to get some top tips on how to style your pad!  

Styling homes of all different shapes and sizes for over six years, Michelle has been renovating homes with her husband for the last 20 years and absolutely loves it.  

“I love that every home brings its own unique featuresBoth older and newer builds each have their benefits and you can create some really exciting spaces for your family to enjoy time together”, she said.  

Michelle’s top styling tip is a big one – less is more! By remembering that simplicity is key, you will avoid overthinking or overdoing it. So, if you think that third element in the living room is too much, then take it away – because it probably is. Michelle recommends following your instinct when it comes to what looks and fees ‘right’ in your home space. But the tips don’t stop there...  

Most of us are visual people. We understand things better when we can see them. You might like to create a mood board to help visualise how different colours, textures and finishes might work in different rooms within your house. There are hundreds of thousands of free images available on Pinterest that can be made into your very own mood board, and it’s easy to add in images of products that you’re thinking of buying. If you’re looking for a free program to create mood boards online, try out canva.com – it’s really easy to use 

Michelle tells us her favourite room to style is the living area, because it’s here that you can really build out a stylish, comfy space for a family, a couple or even just for yourself. Adding in some little touches can make it look really unique, such as featuring a treasured family heirloom or a cute décor piece that’s been with you for a long time and which means somethingIt can really help the space “pop”! Adding little bits of greenery or vignettes (like a featured bookshelf) as well as cushions can bring interesting textures and individual style in to a room, and can make it feel more cosy, especially in contemporary themed homes.  Michelle Hickey, Casa Modello Styling

“When it comes to cushions – I love cushions! Just remember to think in odd numbers. Use three or five cushions depending on the size of your lounge. If you’re adding them to an armchair in a bedroom, think about how the cushion design ties in with the pillows on your bed”, said Michelle.  

There you have it – cushions. It’s one of those things that really sets the world on fire for stylists, because they are so versatile. They can be placed on benches, sofas, lounges, armchairs and even beds! 

When it comes to arm and accent chairs, you can create a friendly, conversational space in your living room by placing an accent chair opposite your lounge, but on a slight angle, facing into the lounge. But whatever you do, avoid cluttering up your space.  

Michelle Hickey, Casa Modello Styling Toowoomba

Michelle recommends that you deep clean and organise each room before you consider how you’d like to style it. Find some ways to incorporate your existing furniture and décor pieces with new products that you’re shopping for. Keep in mind the layout of the room and the shape and size of the new furniture items that you’ll need. New and old can work together really nicely, but you have to give it some thought.  

Michelle’s passion for helping her clients style their homes really shines through when you speak with her. She loves to collaborate, and will ask you to step away from your home for a few hours while her team achieve the end results. That way, when you return home you get a real ‘wow’ experience. Based in Toowoomba, Michelle can help you style your home and Casa Modello Property Styling offers a generous initial free 20minute consult to talk through your styling ideas 


Michelle’s Contact Details:  

Mobile 0438 302 776 

[email protected]  


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