With innovative features and intelligent engineering, this Serie 4 Bosch washing machine with 8kg capacity is a reliable choice for busy households.

This versatile machine boasts a wide variety of wash programs so every laundry load is cleaned with care and precision. The ActiveWater Plus and EcoSilence Drive ensures efficiency to help reduce water and electricity usage. Inside the unit, the durable drum is designed to be tough on dirt but gentle on your garments. This means every time a load finishes, your clothes come out perfect every time.

For exceptional efficiency, outstanding performance, and thoughtful design, look no further than this Serie 4 washing machine from Bosch.

Reload function
In a busy household not everything makes the wash in time. The reload function allows you to open the door during certain stages of the cycle to add or remove items.

Quieter operation with EcoSilence Drive
This washing machine is equipped with a Bosch EcoSilence Drive to ensure longevity, efficiency, and quiet operation. Additionally, the AntiVibration side walls keeps the unit stable and reduces vibration for a quieter spin cycle.

AquaSecure Flood Protection
AquaSecure is a mechanical anti-flood valve that will shut the water off at the tap should it detect a problem with the inlet hose.

ActiveWater Plus for improved efficiency
Smart sensors in your washing machine detect the load level and adjust water levels to suit the load. By precisely optimising every wash, this efficient machine helps to reduce utility costs and lessen your impact on the environment.