Bosch VarioPerfect customises the wash based on your washing needs. On most programs, you can choose either the EcoPerfect option to reduce energy consumption by up to 50%, or for shorter wash cycles select SpeedPerfect to reduce time by up to 65%. A small load of laundry washes just as efficiently as a large load thanks to ActiveWater Plus technology. This automatic load adjustment system matches the exact amount of water to the load size so none is wasted.

The EcoSilence Drive motor is designed to powerfully wash garments with very little noise, while AntiVibration side panels provide stability during the wash and spinning stages so it doesn’t disturb the peace. Choose the Cotton Plus Prewash program for heavily soiled everyday essentials, Wool for care of woollen favourites, or SuperQuick 15 to clean a lightly soiled 2kg load in just 15 minutes. Your precious delicates are treated with care by Bosch VarioDrum’s wave-droplet design, so even the finest of textiles are cleaned thoroughly and gently.

Quieter operation with EcoSilence Drive
This washing machine is equipped with a Bosch EcoSilence Drive to ensure longevity, efficiency, and quiet operation. Additionally, the AntiVibration side walls keeps the unit stable and reduces vibration for a quieter spin cycle.

Reload function
In a busy household not everything makes the wash in time. The reload function allows you to open the door during certain stages of the cycle to add or remove items.

VarioPerfect versatile wash programs
The VarioPerfect function optimises the wash program to your laundry habits and requirements. Whether you need a super quick wash or an energy-efficient cycle, there’s an option to take care of your ever-changing needs.

Thorough washing with VarioDrum
The VarioDrum in this Bosch washing machine is precisely engineered to evenly distribute water for faster washing and improved performance. The innovative wave-droplet design ensures your garments are washed carefully and efficiently.

Key Features

  • EcoSilence Drive: quiet motor with long lifespan
  • AntiVibration design for greater stability and quietness
  • VarioPerfect: provides option for speed or energy efficiency
  • ActiveWater Plus: resource efficient water management system
  • VarioDrum: gentle and efficient washing