This CHiQ upright freezer’s 380 litre capacity lets you invest in half a side of beef knowing you’ve got the storage you need. Leave the defrosting to the appliance with its frost free design. Also, the CHiQ CSH380NWL2 has a left-hinged door. It features a 5 star energy rating, so you can enjoy extra freezer space without a big boost in your electric bill. The CHiQ upright freezer has a white finish. Plus, it has a 710mm width, an 1855mm height, and a 770mm depth. You can store your extra freezer in your garage thanks to this CHiQ upright freezer.

Frost Free – No need to defrost, Constant temperature, Strong freezing

CHiQ frost free inverter refrigerator adopts advanced air-cooling and inverter technology to automatically defrost, which solves the problem of manual defrosting in traditional refrigerators; the air outlet is completely dry and food is not easy to stick together, making freezing more effective and powerful.

Frequency conversion system

The CHiQ Frequency conversion system helps you to control temperature and its fast cooling fan system ensures constant, reliable air flow

Dual function of fridge and freezer, switch between refrigeration and freezer
One-key control allows you to set your personalise freezing and refrigerating temperatures

Temperature electronic touch control – Clearer gear adjustment
An easy-to-use touch electronic temperature control panel is neatly positioned in the fridge door. Its LED display screen ensures you can set temperatures to suit your day-to-day needs.

-32°C Quick freezing mode

CHiQ’s ultra-low temperature quick-freezing mode, means that you can keep stored food, fresher and longer.

Size Does Matter: 46L big drawer design – Humanized design

Its 46L large freezer drawer design means there’s no need to worry about storing large meat cuts as well as vegetables, fruit and drinks.

Power handle design – Open the door easily

Stylish, elegant aluminum power handle makes for easy operation

Reversible door

Is available with your choice of right or left door openings

Brushed panel design – High-end, atmospheric

Brushed metal panel, not easy to oxidize; the atmosphere is beautiful and easy to maintain

Key Features:

  • Frost Free – Gentle circulation, moisturizing and keeping fresh
  • Inverter system – Energy saving, high efficiency, silent, worry-free
  • Fast Freezing – This classical CHiQ single door fridge boasts a –32°C quick freezing mode
  • 46L big drawer design – With 46L drawers mean you can store just about any foods, any size
  • Fast Cooling – One machine dual-use, one-key adjustment on demand
  • LED Display with Digital Control – Makes it easy to set the perfect temperature to suit your needs
  • Power handle Design – Easy door opening, effort saving and conveninet