The EFM FlexiGlass Screen Armour features include a 9H Hardness rating that makes this screen protector scratch-resistant, anti-blue light treatment to reduce the digital strain on the eye and antimicrobial properties that kill up to 99.99% of microbes throughout the lifetime of the product.

Tough and durable, the EFM FlexiGlass Screen Armour offers up to 4 times more shatter resistance to a device screen compared to an unprotected device screen.

Along with 2D, 2.5D and 3D curve compatible construction and FUD (Fingerprint Under Display) compatibility, the EFM FlexiGlass Screen Armour is the all-in-solution when it comes to a screen protector that has it all.

Key Features

  • Strong, hybrid glass screen protector that offers 4 x more shatter resistance than an unprotected screen
  • Edge-to-edge screen protection designed for 2D + 2.5G + 3D curve displays
  • Smooth & responsive with optical clarity
  • Built with 9H hardness layer for extreme scratch resistance and anti-blue light and antimicrobial treatments to protect you and your device screen
  • FUD (Fingerprint Under Display) compatible