The H6PRO is the ultimate open acoustic gaming headset, ideal for gamers who want to stay in touch with their environment or who play in quiet surroundings. The proprietary speaker system delivers the signature EPOS sound with an immersive, open and expansive soundstage for the finest natural and realistic game audio across the full frequency spectrum with minimal listening fatigue.

The lift-to-mute boom arm is detachable, with a long, slim arm, allowing varied placement without compromising voice pick-up. The sleek headband has variable softness to ensure maximum comfort.

Designed for any platform with analog wired outputs, the headset will also perform optimally with binaural headphone surround sound through the EPOS Gaming Suite with sound cards such as the GSX 300.

Key Features:

Open Acoustic Headset Design
Expansive, natural soundstage for the ultimate realism in game audio

Speaking Naturally, Listening Naturally
Hear your own voice without stress – not via sidetone microphone monitoring

Proprietary High-quality Speaker System
Tuned to deliver the signature, balanced EPOS audio for ultimate immersion

Redesigned Microphone Boom Arm
Lift-to-mute microphone is on long, slim boom arm for excellent voice pick-up

Detachable Magnetic Boom Arm
Can be conveniently removed, ideal for streamers with a dedicated microphone

Redesigned Slimmer Profile
Lightweight profile with a headband with variable softness for improved comfort


Frequency response 20-20.000 Hz
Impedance 28
Sensitivity 111 dB SPL @1kHz 1V RMS
THD <0,5% @1kHz 1V RMS


Frequency response 10-10.000 Hz
Pick-up pattern Bidirectional
Sensitivity -35 dBV/Pa @1kHz
Style Detachable