Simple to use and offering reliable performance the Haier Twin Tub is a truly classic laundry appliance. Designed to wash and spin your clothes separately the Twin Tub lets you wash using less water while still achieving exactly the cleaning results you prefer. If you would prefer a more traditional style of washing machine for your household the 6kg Twin Tub from Haier is an affordable choice.

Simple manual operation
This machine allows you to set your own water level wash and spin times all using straightforward manual switches. Select your personal preferences and enjoy complete control over your washing results.

Lightweight design
The Haier Twin Tub is mounted on roller feet allowing it to be easily relocated if space is an issue in your laundry.

Easy to maintain
Not only is this washer simple to set up in the laundry its one-piece lint filter can be easily removed for cleaning after each wash to keep the machine operating efficiently. The appliance itself can also be kept clean easily with just a simple wipe down using a damp cloth.

Careful care
In addition to the regular wash a Delicate cycle is also available for cleaning clothes that require gentle treatment.