PureFlat Eclipse Design
Keep up with latest kitchen trends with the striking PureFlat Eclipse refrigerator. Its Eclipse dark interior provides the perfect stage for your food and drinks to shine whilst improving food hygiene with antibacterial protection liner.

My Fresh Choice
The My Fresh Choice compartment can easily be converted from a fridge to a freezer or anywhere in-between, being able to be adjusted between -18C to +5C in one-degree increments. By creating the perfect temperature environment, you can keep the freshness and taste quality of your desired food for longer.

Triple Zone Cooling
Triple Zone Cooling technology allows Hisense fridges to have three distinct cooling areas at three different temperatures, minimising odour transfer while keeping your food fresher.
Avoid odors and keep food fresher, longer. Synchronous operation and independent temperature control, together with the frost-free three-cycle refrigeration system, effectively prevents odors from mixing between the fridge and freezer compartments, so food always tastes fresh.

Metal-Tech Cooling
The back wall of the main refrigerator compartment is overlaid with stainless steel, which ensures even distribution of cool air from the inside out. This combination of advanced technologies always ensures ideal temperature levels while preventing the loss of cool air and frost build-up in the fridge.

Plumbed Water and Ice Dispenser
This very convenient plumbed on-door ice and water dispenser can produce 2.2 Kg ice for the whole family in a half day. Without opening the fridge door, you can choose out of ice cubes, crescent ice, crushed ice or chilled water, whatever and whenever you want. Hassle-free way of getting your cold drinks. (Authorised plumber required for installation)

Inverter Technology
Hisense’s Inverter Technology maintains ideal temperatures with superior energy efficiency, meaning a quieter fridge with better cooling and everyday reliability.

Super Freeze & Super Cool Modes
When you need to stock up your newly purchased meat, simply touch the super freeze function and it will immediately decrease the temperature to -24C in order to lock up the food’s nourishment while not destroying it’s cell structure, keeping it in the optimum condition! Or for chilling drinks pre-party, save time by using super cool function and enjoy more time for the party!

Cantilever Shelves
Enjoy a new level of flexibility with fully adjustable shelves. If you require more space between shelves, simply take one out and place it on a different shelf-holder, allowing you to tailor your storage to your specific needs.?This way all your large bottles, mason jars or tall cakes will fit perfectly inside the fridge.

Big Bottle Rack
The refrigerator’s oversized balcony provides the perfect space to store bulkier items.

Metal Glide Drawers
Our Easy Glide Drawers feature telescopic metal runners that are quiet, robust and capable of handling up to 27kg, making even fully loaded drawers a breeze.

Electronic Touch Control
Control your fridge and freezer’s temperature with ease using the inbuilt digital control panel.

Soft LED Lighting
Soft LED lighting is designed for more clear overview of the contents of your fridge. The light is brighter and more efficient than standard fridge bulbs, and it also saves energy.

Door Alarm
If the freezer door is left open for too long the fridge will sound an alarm, ensuring your food stays fresh.

Key Features

  • Dark Interior with antibacterial treatment
  • Convertible temperature compartment
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Plumbed Ice and Water Dispenser
  • 3 Star Energy Rating
  • Premium black PureFlat design
  • Dark Interior with antibacterial treatment
  • Metal handle with sleek integrative design
  • Metal-Tech Cooling
  • Inverter Compressor
  • Full width shelves with back hanging design
  • Freezer door baskets
  • Convertible temperature compartment
  • Full width Multi Air Flow System
  • Twin Cooling Technology