2-in-1 – Vacuuming and washing in one Smart Roller technology Easy and effortless cleaning. Saves time as no need to vacuum before washing floor. Electrically powered forward rotating roller Better cleaning results than cleaning with a mop. Effortless cleaning Innovative.  Self-cleaning function of the roller during usage Water savings up to 85% compared to a mop and bucket.  Integrated roller water-suction-system- Floor drying time under 2 minutes

Wiping is 20 per cent cleaner than with a mop and much more convenient

  • 2-tank system: Permanent wetting of the rollers from the fresh water tank while the dirt is collected in the waste water tank.
  • Effortless: No dragging a bucket around, no wringing out the floor cleaning cloth by hand, no scrubbing.
  • Rollers are machine-washable at 60 °C.

Cleaning and parking station

  • Convenient storage and stowage of the machine