The Livall Urban Smart Helmet is a groundbreaking helmet offering the function and practicality of a conventional helmet with incredible tech. Indeed it offers all the safety features of a standard recreational helmet, with the addition of innovative LED lights, a stylish leather brim and smart speakers!

Livall have included Bluetooth capability with the Urban Smart Helmet meaning you’ll be able to take phone calls on the go – similar to if you were driving in your car! This is all thanks to the use of a Windbreak microphone which ensures that you can hold important conversations without nature getting in the way. Equally, the powerful integrated speakers will also allow you to play music when not receiving phone calls.

With the Urban Smart Helmets included LED lights, not only will you be more visible to other riders and vehicles, but they’ll also be alerted to you slowing down thanks to the smart braking function! Livall have also included an all-new SOS alert function that works in tandem with the Livall smart app. It will provide your loved ones with peace of mind in case of an accident – if a sudden deceleration is detected by the helmet, a text will be sent to your loved ones advising them of your current location.

With the Livall Urban Smart Helmet, you can keep working or keep in contact with friends and family while riding along in comfort and safety! In the meantime, the inbuilt lights will ensure the vehicles around you will always be able to see you, no matter the time of day (or night)! The Livall Urban Smart Helmet has all the features you could ever want in a helmet: keep safe, and always stay in the loop while riding.

Key Features

  • Medium fits head sizes 55-59cm
  • Hands Free Operation
  • LED Smart Lighting
  • Fall Detection
  • Press for SOS