This Navman GPS unit has a 5-inch screen, so you can display a panoramic viewing area for geographical information. Easily interact with the features and functions with its touchscreen. The Navman GPS unit’s lane guidance allows you to approach complex junctions with confidence. It features spoken street names, allowing you to get the lay of the land loud and clear. The GPS unit has safety alerts. You can find the fastest route to your destination more easily thanks to this Navman GPS unit.

When the risk of using your phone illegally is too great, why not have a GPS to get you to where you need to go. Whether you’re on long trips or short hops around town, the MOVE130M has a ton of easy to use features to keep you moving in the right direction. Free maps will keep you up to date with changes to roads or speed limits. You’ll get visual and verbal Speed Limit Alerts to avoid fines. 3D Junction views with real signage depicted that show you clearly which lane to take at complex intersections, and Landmark Guidance Plus which uses easily recognisable landmarks as guidance on where to go. Importantly, there are School Zone alerts to remind you to slow down. SmartFind keyword search lets you search for somewhere using just the name, like the nearest “Bunnings”, or using part of an address like “Smith Street.”

Key Features

  • Landmark Guidance Plus
  • Advanced Lane Guidance
  • Premium Safety Alerts
  • Speed Limit Alerts