Developed by a leading Nasdaq-listed electric vehicle maker, the NIU KQi3 Sport is the SUV of scooters with an extra-wide handlebar and spacious deck that are ideal for travelling longer distances without any compromise in comfort.

More powerful 600W motor with a 15% hill climbing capability
The highly-efficient 48V brushless motor has a maximum output of 600W and provides ample torque-on-demand to allow riders to ascend inclines of up to 15% with relative ease.

48V 365Wh lithium-ion battery for a range of up to 40km
The high capacity battery delivers more range on a single charge for extended riding enjoyment.

NIU Energy™ battery management system with 14 levels of protection
A smart battery management system that constantly monitors the state of the battery and protects it from over-charging or discharging, over-current/over-voltage charging, under-voltage discharging and battery overheating to name a few. It also re-directs recovered energy from regenerative braking back into the battery pack.

Dual brake system with a front disc brake and rear adaptive regenerative brake
With its dual brake system, the kickscooter features adaptive regeneration braking that works in sync with the braking lever intensity and enables the front and rear brakes to operate in tandem to provide superior braking power. The front disc brake also features a 2-way caliper action with both brake pads activated instead of the more common single caliper type.

More personalised settings with the NIU app
With the NIU app, you can enable more riding features that include cruise control, custom speed mode (parental control), smart lock/unlock, rider statistics, regenerative braking level adjustment and OTA firmware update.

Durable 9.5” x 2.5” pneumatic puncture-resistant tubeless tyres
Besides providing improved shock absorption, the tubeless 2.5” wide tyres also allow for better traction when going over any type of terrain.

Optimised riding experience
The wider handlebar and aerospace-grade aluminium frame also help to provide better handling and enhanced resilience of the kickscooter.

Better road safety and visibility
Its built-in iconic LED halo daytime running light, brake light, and bell ensure that the kickscooter is highly visible and audible to other road users while on the move.

Industry-leading 2-year limited warranty
An unprecedented 2-year limited warranty lets you ride with total peace of mind, with leading aftersales customer service and support, backed up with a national repair network.

Key Features

  • Maximum comfort with extra wide handlebar and deck
  • Powerful 300W brushless motor, maximum 600W
  • 48V Lithium-ion battery system with 7th NIU Energy™ smart battery management system
  • Up to 25km/h top speed and 40km range
  • 9.5″ x 2.5″ extra wide puncture resistant pneumatic tubeless tyres
  • Front disc brake + Rear regenerative electronic brake system
  • Stay smart with the NIU smart app