Tough performance construction that can shoot underwater up to 15m deep, with a high-speed f/2.0 zoom lens to capture high-quality images in various shooting conditions.The Olympus Tough TG-6 is the latest model in the Tough series with reliable Tough performance for shooting anytime and anywhere. It is waterproof to a depth of 15 metres, dustproof, shockproof to 2.1 metres, crushproof to 100 kgf, freezeproof to -10?C, and features a dual-pane protective glass construction for excellent anti-fogging performance. The Variable Macro System has been further improved for ultra-close-up shooting up to 1 cm from the subject even in P and A modes. Additionally, a new fisheye converter lens (sold seperately) that supports circular fisheye photography has been added to a full line-up of other accessories for expanded shooting possibilities, making this truly the strongest field camera available.

Key Features

Tough performance for shooting anytime: waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, crushproof, freezeproof, and anti-fogging
Sealing throughout the entire camera body and double-lock construction on the camera battery cover and other openings are designed to provide waterproof performance to a depth of 15 metres for underwater shooting and excellent dustproof capabilities in sandy and dusty locations. Its floating construction protects the inside of the camera, clearing drop tests up to 2.1 meters, and the reinforced body withstands loads up to 100 kgf. This model is also freezeproof down to -10?C, and the lens features dual-pane protective glass construction to reduce fogging for reliable shooting even in locations with severe temperature differences.

High-quality images obtained through a combination of the f/2.0 lens, back-lit CMOS sensor, and TruePic VIII image processor
This model is also equipped with a high-speed, high-performance f/2.0 zoom lens and a hi-speed back-lit CMOS image sensor that has superb high-sensitivity performance. Anti-reflective (AR) coating is used on both sides of the sealing glass for the image sensor to reduce ghosts and flares. The TruePic VIII from the Olympus OM-D E-M1X professional model is used on this model, reducing noise levels, and improving the resolution in low contrast areas. RAW data can also be recorded and then edited to look exactly the way users like using the Olympus Workspace image editing software.

Variable Macro System that goes beyond the limits of the eye with close-up shooting capabilities up to 1 cm from the subject
Equipped with the Variable Macro System, this model is equipped with four shooting modes, boasting a closest focusing distance up to 1 cm from the end of the lens and a maximum shooting magnification of 7x. This excellent close-up shooting performance makes it possible to shoot high-quality images of the microscopic world that the human eye cannot see. A closest focusing distance of 1 cm is possible for close-up shots even in P and A modes for more flexible photography.

Microscope mode
With this mode, users can capture high-quality, detailed images of tiny subjects that are difficult to see with the naked eye, such as the antennae and feet of insects, the veins of a leaf on a tree, snowflakes, etc. A maximum shooting magnification of 7x is possible when the optical zoom is set to the telephoto end and the subject is 1 cm away from the end of the lens, delivering magnified shots, similar to using a microscope.

Microscope Control Mode
Users can switch display magnification ratios with the press of a single button similar to switching microscope objective lenses for observing and photographing subjects at 1x, 2x, and 4x. When the subject is 1 cm from the end of the lens while using this mode, the image on the rear LCD monitor can zoom in up to 44.4x.

Focus stacking mode
Focus stacking mode captures multiple shots while automatically shifting the focus from the foreground to the background. Only the areas in focus are extracted and merged, resulting in a full pixel photo with a deep depth of focus. This is particularly effective for macro shooting when shots have a shallow depth of field and a narrow range of focus. Between 3 and 10 shots can be set on the Tough TG-6 so users can fine tune settings for different subjects and precision in the finished shot.

Focus bracketing mode
With a single shot, this function captures up to 30 images while shifting the focus from the foreground to the background. Three levels of focal shift and number of shots can be selected to perfectly match the subject and shooting conditions. This feature is convenient for instantly setting the focal position when shooting flower petals and the wings of insects, etc.

Full-featured underwater shooting modes and a new fisheye converter (sold separately) that can function underwater

Five Underwater modes
The Tough TG-6 is equipped with five underwater shooting modes optimized to match various conditions.
-Underwater Wide: Optimized for shooting in dim underwater conditions and capable of shooting in deeper water.
-Underwater Snapshot: Records subjects using the natural lighting in pools and other shallow water for natural-looking photos.
-Underwater Macro: Perfect for close-up shots of small subjects such as little fish.
-Underwater Microscope: Captures even smaller subjects up to 1 cm from the end of the lens.
-Underwater HDR: Dramatically recreates the scene without losing details in dark areas.

Three underwater white balance modes
This model is equipped with three underwater white balance options for operability in various shooting situations. When one of the above five underwater modes are selected the optimal white balance is also set. White Balance can also be changed manually.

-Underwater: Shallow – Mainly for water up to approximately 3 meters deep to improve the red tones that tends to occur in shallow water.
-Underwater: Mid Range – Optimally tunes the colour for general use in water from 3 to 15 meters deep.
-Underwater: Deep – For use with the new Underwater Case PT-059 in water deeper than 15 meters, particularly for improving the blue tones in photos.