Simple to set up and maintain
All you need to run this air conditioner is a normal power point and a nearby window where you can run the exhaust hose, neatly connecting the two with an included sealplate. You can enjoy long-term efficiency from this air conditioner by cleaning its filters every two weeks and emptying the water tank whenever it gets full.

Straightforward controls
You can access all of this air conditioner’s functions with either its simple remote control or convenient touch control panel. Using these controls it’s easy to switch between the appliance’s different settings including cooling dehumidifying and fan modes with options to adjust fan speed and cooling temperature.

Come home to comfort
Using the air conditioner’s timer you can delay the appliance’s on or off time by up to 24 hours for greater convenience and efficiency. Imagine coming home from work to a cool and comfortable room without having to leave the air conditioner running all day!

Ideal for a bedroom
A handy Sleep mode slowly adjusts the air conditioner’s temperature settings over time so you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep without over-cooling your bedroom.