Compete in comfort
Built for gamers, this chair is perfect for marathon gaming sessions. With a comfortable design and racing-style aesthetic enjoy lasting relaxation while you play.

Comfort comes first
Supportive design features a spacious seat, extra-thick cushions, and high-back for better posture while gaming.

Adapts to your advantage
Game comfortably with adjustable seat height and tilt that locks in place, plus pillows for lumbar and neck support.

4D Adjustable armrests
Rotate and adjust armrests up, down, front to back, and side to side to find your perfect position to play.

Designed for durability
Built for long-term, rigorous use – this chair supports up to 300lbs with a 5-star steel base.

Striking OMEN design
Sleek, racing style design is complete with unique OMEN accents and colorway.