When Migraine or severe headaches strike, use Qalm: a brand new therapy that helps relieve migraine and also reduces the occurrence of attacks.Qalm is applied directly to the forehead. It holds in place via advesive gel pads while its slim, lightweight design ensures it stays firmly attached and delivers maximum benefit.
Qalm uses a specific output and frequency to stimulate the trigeminal nerve. This therapy has been clinically tested and proposed as a means to relieve migraines without the use of medication.
In addition to alleviating migraines when they occur, Qalm can also help reduce the frequency of migraine attacks and limit their occurence. This is achieved via a second therapy mode with its own unique programme settings and output.
Thanks to its rechargeable Li-ion battery, Qalm is reusable and convenient, while remaining compact and light.
Qalm is supplied with a charging cable with universal USB connection, three pairs of conductive gel pads, a storage case, a mirror to facilitate application, and comprehensive instructions.

Compatible Pads: Relieve and reduce migraine attacks using the included gel pad accessory. To ensure optimal results, you can also replace its pad with the Paingone QALM Switch Off

Migraine Relief Device Replacement Pads (sold separately).

What’s in the Box: This pack includes 1x Paingone QALM Device, 1x Storage Case, 1x USB Charge Cable, and 1x User Guide.