The Ultimate Travel Companion
The ultimate in travel compacts, this premium camera delivers impressive performance and versatility with a 15x zoom LEICA lens, 1-inch MOS sensor, and 2.3 million-dot Live View Finder with 0.53x magnification. The sleek DC-TZ220 also offers the latest suite of 4K features, streamlined Bluetooth connection and enhanced creative features.

Key Features

Exceptional Image Quality from Day to Night
Keep capturing your adventure into the night with the powerful 1-inch 20MP sensor that gives you more detail, colour and clarity even in low light. Just because the sun goes down, doesn’t mean your camera has to as well.

Advanced Image Processor – Venus Engine
The LUMIX TZ220 incorporates the same Venus Engine as our LUMIX G Series mirrorless cameras, enabling high quality image capture and the high speed signal processing required for 4K video recording. Integrating superior noise reduction systems, LUMIX TZ220 enables shooting at max. ISO12800 / Extended ISO25600. Sensitivity, gradation performance, resolution and colour reproduction are dramatically improved to achieve even higher picture quality.

RAW Data Development In Camera
The LUMIX TZ220 can shoot images in RAW-format and even develop them inside the camera, to adjust the following settings: Colour Space Setting (sRGB / AdobeRGB), White Balance, Exposure Compensation, Photo Style, Intelligent D-range Control, Contrast, Highlight / Shadow, Saturation, Noise Reduction, Intelligent Resolution, Sharpness.

Capture Everything with a Powerful Optical Zoom
15x optical zoom empowers you to get all types of shots. Featuring a LEICA DC lens giving you the flexibility from 24mm wide-angle to 360mm zoomed-in shots. Perfect for capturing that stunning shot, both near or far.

Highly Detailed Close-Up Shots
With the new LUMIX TZ220 you can get even closer to the subject you want to capture with 3cm macro capability.

Live Viewfinder To See It All
Sometimes the harsh sunlight makes even the brightest camera screens difficult to see. The 0.2″ Live Viewfinder (2330k dot equiv.) automatically turns on when you lift the camera to your eye so you can see every detail and capture the beautiful view.

Intuitive Touch Control with 1,240k-Dot Monitor
The rear monitor with a high resolution of approximately 1,240k-dot features higher visibility even for sunny outdoor shooting. Plus, touch control immediately lets you to set focus to the subject by just touching it on the screen and you can even release the shutter.

Ultra High Speed Focusing
Capture even the fastest moving action thanks to DFD (Depth From Defocus) technology. It instantly calculates the distance to the subject by evaluating two images with different sharpness levels, and achieves ultra-high-speed AF and 6 fps burst shooting with AFC. 10 fps burst shooting with AFS is also available.

Never Miss the Perfect Moment!
The 4K Photo feature on the LUMIX TZ220 allows you to capture the perfect moment by selecting a frame from a 4K video (sequence of 30 fps) in camera and saving it as an individual high-resolution image next to the 4K video sequence. Simply shoot, select and save your unmissable moment.

Extended Battery Life
Improvements in power-saving technology have achieved greater definition in the LCD while further extending the battery life. A single charge provides approximately 1.23 times* the previous lifetime with the rear monitor, and approximately 1.35 times* the previous lifetime with the LVF eco30fps setting. This means you can shoot without hesitation while traveling.