Efficient Storage Set-Up
The efficient design lets you store your essentials without taking up too much space.

Waterproof IP67
Waterproof IP67. The safety case can remain completely water tight within 1 meter underwater when sealed properly.

Anti-Impact, Anti-Pressure, Corrosion-Proof High-Temperature Range
It is made with impact resistant plastic, which is solid and durable. The normal working temperature is – 20 to + 60 ℃, but, in short duration, it can also be used in – 40 ° to + 80 ° environments.

EVA Shock-Proof Lining Offering More Protection
The CNC engineered, high-quality EVA-foam lining offers the MAVIC AIR 2 better protection.

Reinforced And Anti-Theft
The new latches lock securely, yet are easy to open. The reinforced stainless steel padlock is tamper-resistant and impossible to cut through.

Easy And Safe To Open During Altitude And Temperature Changes
It is equipped with a pressure balance valve to prevent air pressure differences, caused by temperature and altitude changes inside and outside the box to prevent the case from unwanted vacuum sealing or bursting when opening.

Ergonomic Handle
Comfortable, non-slip and wear-resistant handle with dual colors.

Key Features

  • Efficient storage set-up, compatible with DJI Smart controller
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Anti-impact, anti-pressure, corrosion-proof, high-temperature range
  • Easy and safe to open during altitude and temperature changes with a pressure balance valve