Experience the ultimate in shaving confidence with the Remington Limitless X7 Rotary Shaver. The X7 has a 360 PivotBall which effortlessly moves across the contours of your face, maintaining constant skin contact to capture hair even in tricky areas.

Seamless Shave
The Remington Limitless X7 Rotary Shaver has Shave comfort rings that provide enhanced glide with up to 30 percent reduced friction. The individual flexing blades deliver over 130,000 cutting actions per minute, while Power sense technology responds to pressure and analyses hair thickness 800 times per second to maintain optimal speed performance.

Polished and Professional
The Remington Limitless X7 Rotary Shaver has a click on detail trimmer to help give you that polished, day-to-day look. It operates cordlessly and charges via USB for ease of use. One-click cleaning is also possible, thanks to its quick head release and clean flow channels.

Ease of Use
This shaver has a run time of up to 60 minutes on a full charge. You can also make use of the 5-minute quick charge feature if you need a spontaneous touch up. The shaver is also waterproof, meaning you can safely use it while you’re on the shower. The Turbo boost function allows you to increase the power at the touch of a button to easily tackle thicker hair.

Vs. standard Remington Shaver
What’s In The Box
1x Remington Limitless X7 Rotary Shaver
1x Click on Detail Trimmer
1x USB Cable
1x Stubble Guard
1x Cleaning Brush
1x Travel Pouch