The camera has a wide-angle camera lens and also night vision to provide you with clear footage day and night. With an inbuilt microphone and speakers, you can hear and speak to anyone on your property, letting them know you’re watching. Plus, for added security, there’s a 110-decibel alarm to help you scare off intruders. Stop crime in its tracks with the Spotlight Wi-Fi Battery Camera.

The spotlight camera is battery operated, so you can mount it on an outside wall without being restricted by your outdoor electrical setup. With its 140 Degrees field-of-view, position it best to protect your home. Set multiple motion zones and adjust their sensitivity to alert you only to people crossing into a zone rather than all movement. Have the capability to manually activate the 110-decibel siren in the case of an emergency; rather than the alarm sounding automatically to non-suspicious activity and waking your neighbours.