The Brooklyn kettle with copper accents brings an element of warmth. A hint of copper can sometimes add a relaxed, rustic feel ? however the metallic aspect adds a balance of modernity. Add in matte black and the combination creates a fusion of design trends that blend together perfectly.


Best Rated Kettle Brand 2021/2022
Russell Hobbs has been named Best Rated Kettle Brand the 2021/2022 Finder Retail Awards. Finder partnered with data and insights firm, Dynata, to survey thousands of Australians. Russell Hobbs was awarded solid scores across all metrics in addition to receiving a 95% recommendation rating.

1.7L capacity with water level gauge
Large enough to cater for everyone and the water window provides an easy visual on water levels so you can easily fill up the kettle with the exact amount of water you need.

Quiet boil technology
Reduces the noise emitted from your boiling kettle so you can enjoy an early cuppa without waking the house.

Perfect pour spout
Designed to give you a streamlined flow of water from your kettle to your cup, so you can enjoy an effortless brew-making experience without any spillages.

Removable anti-scale filter
Quick and easy to remove and wash. Helps to significantly reduce the amount of limescale.