COLOURS – Stunning colours
Playful hues that turn heads. Choose from a range of fresh colours. The choice isn’t easy, but there’s no right or wrong.

CAMERA – Shoot your shot
Seize the day and capture the night. Head out with the Pro-grade Camera in hand, equipped with a high-resolution sensor and intelligent, light-absorbing pixels for clear snaps, at any hour.
Shoot your shot

NIGHTOGRAPHY CAMERA – More light for your night
Get ready for a gallery full of epic night shots everyone will want. Nightography’s enhanced AI keeps details clear, so low light photos and videos will be bright and colourful from dusk to dawn and back again.

The Front Camera’s Dual Pixel technology focuses faster and more accurately, even in low light.

It’s not just stills that dominate the dark, you’re getting crisp clear night videos, too. Now, even the Front Camera has the skills to clearly capture clips of you and your friends after the sun sets.

HIGH RESOLUTION – Every detail, now yours to capture
50MP camera brings clear and crisp pictures to share the epic and be the group chat’s official photographer.

EXPERT RAW – Now you’re a shooting star
When it comes to epic photos, the sky’s the limit. Open Expert RAW to capture in hi-res RAW format, delivering bright and detailed shots.7 Then look to the stars as the camera pulls in light to snap constellations and planets with breathtaking clarity.

PHOTO REMASTER – Turn misfires into masterpieces
Head to the Gallery to enhance dark, blurry images and even upscale childhood photos or pictures you picked up online. And now you can revamp fuzzy GIFs, reducing noise and upping clarity to keep your loops looking fresh.

PERFORMANCE – More power to you
When stopping’s not an option, this fast chip powers your phone to deliver better gaming and video streaming, with battery life to help carry you through the most epic of days.

BATTERY – Long lasting battery
Call it a night? Nah. Game on and binge-watch your favourite shows with a long-lasting and fast-charging battery.

DISPLAY – Epic display
Game or stream anywhere with adaptive outdoor visibility delivering optimal colour and brightness, in any light.9 Adaptive 120Hz smooths the scroll, while Eye Comfort Shield keeps your eyes from getting tired, even as you view in the dark.

SMART SWITCH – We made keeping your data easy
In just a simple Wi-Fi move or quick log in to your Samsung Account, you’re all set. In just a few simple steps, copy your apps, photos, messages and more to your new Samsung Galaxy.10,11*Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may be different.

TRADE-IN – Trade in to trade up
Swap the phone you have for the Galaxy you want. See how much you could save on a new Galaxy S23 or S23+.

ONE UI – Your Galaxy, the way you like it
Now it’s easier than ever to set your phone up just for you. One UI maximises customisation, allowing you to pick almost every detail, from lock screens and themes to widgets and notifications.

Key Features

Epic Camera
50MP on the Galaxy S23+ brings crisp, clear and insta-worthy pictures to share the epic and be the group chat’s official photographer.

Enjoy your power
Powerful performance so you can play more and worry less. Stream, download, post and share videos in a flash with a seriously fast chipset in a Galaxy.

Nightography on the Galaxy S23+ reflects the beauty in the dark so you can be the star of the shot, even at night.

Epic Display+
Galaxy S23+ has an immersive 6.6-inch screen* perfect for gaming, viewing and multi-tasking without interruption. Vision Booster can adapt to the sun so when you’re outside in the glare of bright sunlight, your screen is still viewable.

Long Lasting Battery
A Long Lasting Battery life that keeps on going. Long Lasting Battery to download music, stream movies and game on with minimal lag to keep you moving with the speed of life.