See how good TV can be, with QN85B Neo QLED TV. Quantum Matrix Technology powered by Quantum Mini LED backlighting joins with Quantum HDR24x images and Object Tracking Sound, for a complete sound and vision experience. Greatness never ends but evolves.

Key Features:

Quantum Matrix Technology for brilliant blacks and next-level detail
Quantum Matrix Technology represents a revolution in TV display technology. Using miniaturised backlighting technology with precise light control, Samsung have set a new standard in picture quality, delivering next level detail, deep blacks and brilliant contrast.

Picture perfect down to the last detail with Quantum HDR 24x
Quantum HDR 24X is designed to bring details to life that you’ve never seen in your favourite films and shows.

A world first True Dolby Atmos experience
Lose yourself in the breathtaking realism of cinematic sound, right in your own home. Your Samsung TV features a world first with inbuilt up firing speakers and True Dolby Atmos support to deliver larger-than-life audio experiences.

Unleash vivid colour with Quantum Dot
Samsung QLED TV’s Quantum Dot technology delivers a world of immersive colours and contrast in a variety of lighting conditions.

Enjoy TV without closing the blinds with Anti Glare Technology
Samsung?s Anti-Glare Technology helps you enjoy your TV in a variety of conditions, day or night.

A TV designed to be watched, not seen.
The NeoSlim design makes for one streamlined and stylish TV. With an incredibly thin profile and built-in cable management to help reduce clutter, all eyes will be on the action.

The TV that adapts to its surrounds with Intelligent Mode
Your Neo QLED TV knows how to help create an amazing entertainment experience. Intelligent Mode uses a combination of smart sensors to fine-tune the audio, picture and brightness so that the action looks and sounds incredible.

The TV that adapts to its surroundings
Adaptive Picture cleverly detects light in your room and automatically adjusts the TV settings to help maintain optimal brightness and contrast – day or night. Just sit back, relax and let your QLED TV do the work for you.

Never miss a word
Active Voice Amplifier will make sure you stay on top of the action. It is designed to analyse the noise levels in the room you’re watching it in and amplify the dialogue to help ensure you don’t miss a word.

Upgrade your content
Thanks to the power of AI upscaling, your TV is designed to upgrade your favourite content to 4K resolution, to help ensure it always looks awesome.

Easy on the eye
No matter the time of day, Eye Comfort optimises the brightness and colour of your TV for a warm and welcoming picture, every time.

Feel the impact of directional sound with Object & Voice Tracking Sound
From epic car chases to your favourite character whispering ‘I love you’, you’ll always experience the centre of the action thanks to Samsung’s ground breaking object and voice tracking technology.

Great view from virtually every seat
See a great view from virtually wherever you sit with Wide Viewing Angle.

Turning blank into beautiful with Ambient Mode+
When you’re not watching your Samsung TV, Ambient Mode + allows you to turn the blank screen into a beautiful display personalised to your space and style.

Keep up with the action
See fast moving scenes with reduced blur and judder with Samsung Motion Rate 200

Works with
Samsung TV works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Airplay 2 so you can control your connected home your way.

Enjoy all the leading Apps
Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV, Google Play, Kayo, YouTube, Foxtel, Stan, Binge, ABC iView, SBS On Demand, 7Plus, 9Now, 10Play

Screen Mirroring
Wirelessly mirror the screen and audio from your compatible smartphone, tablet or PC to your Samsung TV for maximum impact.

Auto Device Detection
Automatically detects and names new compatible devices. It gives you the option to add your device to your Home Menu for easy access when you need it.

Bluetooth connectivity for your compatible devices lets you connect to your TV with fewer cables ? and without moving from the comfort of your couch!

Built-In IoT Hub (Inbuilt smart device hub)
Create a harmonious living environment with your remote or even your voice. You can now control your compatible devices straight from your Samsung TV for a seamless smart home system.

Control multiple devices with one remote control
Control all your compatible devices with Samsung’s One Remote Control.4 Now made with partially recycled plastics14 and powered by light energy or Wifi signal.

Ask Bixby, Alexa or Google Assistant to control your TV with ease.
Samsung TVs come with a built-in voice assistant – choose from either Bixby, Google Assistant or Alexa.

Immersive sound in perfect harmony with Q-Symphony
Q-Symphony allows the speakers in your TV and your compatible Samsung Q-Series Soundbar to work together for a truly immersive surround sound experience.

Game Ready
Designed to help you game faster and more brilliantly than ever before. With a wide field of vision and total control over the action, Advanced Game Mode ensures your TV and compatible console work seamlessly together to give you the ultimate gaming advantage.

Ready for next level gaming
HDMI 2.1 support the delivery of ultra high-bandwidth dependent sources and consoles.

Ultrawide View for winning game play
Take on the competition and see more of the action with an ultra-wide field of vision. With a flexible (32:9 and 21:9) aspect ratio, you can dominate every battle and enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

Tailored Sound to fit your space
SpaceFit Sound tailors your TV sound to your room to help ensure that your sound is always optimised for an immersive viewing experience.

Free TV, no strings attached
Samsung TV Plus gives you access to top news, sports, entertainment, and more. All you need is an Internet connection.

Hangs beautifully on the wall, with virtually no gap.
Slim Fit Wall-Mount helps your Neo QLED TV to hang beautifully on the wall, leaving minimal space between.

Out of the box thinking
Samsung Eco-Packaging can be creatively upcycled into useful household items instead of being disposed.