Smart IoT – WiFi Digital Door Lock. The most advanced door opening technology

Key Features

One action to open or close
You can easily open the door by pushing or pulling the easy Push-Pull handle with low noise, and vice versa.

Your finger is the key
Just one touch with your finger to open the door with fast and accurate fingerprint sensor.

Voice Guide
Spoken feedback to guide users for setup and ongoing use.

Welcome Function
Approaching the door will automatically activate the touch pad allowing convenient passcode entry. Repeated pacing around the entry will also set off the alarm.

Status Display
LED displays basic information for user on screen, such as door lock condition, authentication and low battery warning.

Intrusion Alarm
Attempted forced entry or tampering to bypass the lock will set off alarm immediately.

Anti-theft Mode
Enable Anti-theft mode when you leave the house. Once activated, an alarm will trigger if anyone attempts to open the door.

Data Security
Important information like passwords and app data is protected by state of the art security technology. If you lose your smartphone, you can erase your access codes easily.

Random Security Code
Before entering your password you will be prompted to tap two randomly chosen digits, making it impossible to guess which numbers you have entered by looking for smudges.

Smart IoT Features

View Access Logs
Know who is coming home in real-time. Receive alerts when members of your family arrive home. Browse access history logs.

Unlock with Smartphone
anytime, anywhere Whether you are out of the home, the app helps unlock the door lock for your visitor.

Smart Bell
Receive alerts when visitor touches the smart bell icon (the door bell icon) on the touch pad. Your phone acts as your doorbell.

Duration Password
Time worker (the regular visitor) can enter and exit your house only at certain period of time. By setting duration password, you can check when the worker entered and exited your house.

One Time Password
Issue single-use temporary passwords for convenient visitor access.